Intermission – How not to display your model kits

My idea of gluing my finished model airplanes on a wooden board wasn’t a very good idea.


Where did the CF-18 go?

The glue was so solid that a bump or a jar sheered off the landing struts.

This is what happened to the CF-18 I had built as a gift to my niece.


It happened also to my brother’s gift..


Hey Helmut! It’s gone…

And to the nose gear of the Me262.


You live and learn.

This is what led me to this idea.


And eventually to display this gift the same way.We Fight by Night

Next Project… A-26 Invader – The Forgotten War


I was always attracted by this plane ever since I saw this in the 60s.

Mono P6-98B-26

In fact I was always attracted to box tops in the 60s.

They don’t make box tops like they used to.

Models kits have come a long way since the 60s. The Internet allows us to view what others do.

Some projects are just out of this world, and the worst thing you can do is to compare yourself with others. Sharing my forgotten hobby on a blog has been an experience in itself since 2015. So much so that I had to create My Forgotten Hobby II to soldier on with My Forgotten Hobby. Blogging is just one hobby, but it’s as serious as building model kits that were gathering dust since the 90s.

This A-26 has been gathering dust long enough…

Let’s build, it’s never too late!