A Birthday Gift for My Brother?


Not the real one of course.

This one…

His birthday is in 13 days, and I wanted to give him a birthday present as well as a thank you gift for all his B-25 pictures he shared last time with my readers.

Will I make it in time?

To quick to cast your vote?

2018- A year in review.

Impressive review!



Allow me to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2019! This year has seen me complete twelve projects in the last twelve months all of which were as different as they were special.

Ranging from WWII warbirds to modern day fighters to WWII armour to set piece diorama’s to comic book hero’s to historic figures, there literally has been something for everyone this year! 2018 also saw this website get a make-over, a larger audience and my studio’s presence on social media saw followers numbers rocket up by the hundreds! I completed a very special commission work too.

If you are one of my followers, weather it be here on the website, Instagram or Facebook THANK YOU! Thanks for the follows and the likes, the messages and the fun. Having an audience who appreciate my work means a lot to me and I…

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