B-25 J Project Minus 9

Let’s recap…










What’s new?

More painting.


More dry fitting…

More part assembling….

Searching the Web for photos…

And my brother now following My Forgotten Hobby II.

February 12, 1944

He flew the B-25 in the Pacific with the 42nd Bombardment Group.

Wayne's Journal


I arrived today at Hamilton Field, San Francisco, California. That place was a Mecca. Everyone wanted a Permanent Party there; and all seven crews1 of us would have gladly stayed had there not been a war to fight the little yellow men of Japan.

In my mind remains, the good-natured ribbing of one another, and the remarks we addressed to the girls employed on that base. We had arrived around five o’clock when the civilian women were knocking off for the day. From the various buildings, these girls were streaming across the different areas to the bus lines. Having been aboard a partial troop train for four days, we were quite interested in the movements that only girls can make with different sections of their bodies. A good deal of flirting was done by the various and sundry types of men. This was forgivable due to the fact…

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