Monogram 1:48 TBD Devastator

Impressive build!


Devastator 5-T-7 (Section Leader) from VT-5 assigned to the USS Yorktown (CV-5).

Build Date: May 2005.

This is one of my favourite amongst my models.   This model along with my Monogram A-10 marked the period when my scale modelling techniques improved to a point where I felt I was able to compete with the best at the IPMS shows.  Whether this is true or not that is the question.  This is also my first model to be published in the TMMI model magazine.

These US NAVY dive bomber aircraft of the “Golden Wings” era were colourful, which made them a favourite subject for modellers.   The movies of the period also made these planes and their pilots flamboyant and fun.   Check out this video of this 1941 movie “Dive Bombers” which featured the famous Tophatter Squadron. The movie was first released to the world in the USA during August 1941. This…

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