CV-9 USS Essex & AVG-83, March-August 1945

Inspiration for my 1/700 scale CV9 Essex



The fourth United States vessel to bear the name Essex was launched 31 July 1942 by Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. by Mrs. Artemus L. Gates, wife of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air; and was commissioned 31 December 1942.

Following her sea trials USS Essex (CV-9) sailed to the Pacific in May 1943.  Departing Pearl Harbor, during the remainder of 1943 she was involved in operations Marcus Island (31 August 1943), Wake Island (5-6 October), and launched an attack with TG-50.3 against the Gilbert Islands.  The latter operation included her first amphibious assault, the landing on Tarawa (18-23 November).  After refueling at sea, as flagship of TG-50.3 attacked Kwajalein (4 December).

essexmay1943_1 USS Essex CV-9 deploying SBD-3 Dauntless and F6 Hellcats in May 1943

1944 brought more of the same; her second amphibious assault was delivered as part of TG-58.2 against the Marshalls (29 January –…

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