Fretting News

I had only one throttle quadrant installed since last January. Three went missing. This is what I had.


Last night I found two of the three missing throttle quadrant PE parts, and had to add them although they were damaged.


I was so excited that I added two more PE parts in the cockpit, parts 5 and 6.

I decided to use this glueing tip to see if it was working…

No. 3
Now that you have had some VERY GOOD input, I am going to say something that works for me and I get compliments all the time. I don’t build for contests or any of that. I build for ME!

The tip you are gonna get from me is simple. I use BOYDS CLEAR GLOSS by TESTORS to mount my PE.

I used acrylic clear gloss paint that I added with a paper clip, and took the excess off with a fine paint brush.


To be continued…

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