Trumpeter Photo Etched Parts Bender

Not an impulse buying. I have read some Amazon customer’s reviews. This one was the clincher.

This should be what I need to use PE parts I bought two months to go along this model kit.

Sometimes when the price is right you have to pamper yourself a little. I should get the bender in about a month.

What led me to look for a bending tool was this that I worked on last night…

This is the petite rear-view mirror of the P-47D. I had to bend it which proove difficult with these rudimentary tools.

Working with clear gloss acrylic paint worked fine as you can see…

You can even see the overflow paint.

Working with acrylic paint is a great idea since you can simply unglue the whole thing with water and start over and over again until you are satisfied with the result.

I will set aside the PE parts for this P-47D project until next month and decide which project to start with until then.

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