F4U-1/2 Progress Report Day 2

I was moving along quite well until this step.


The interior parts had to be painted with zinc chromate before the fuselage being glued. I had two choices, either using a paintbrush or my 30 year-old airbrush with all that I bought this year to use it efficiently.

Setting up took a bit of time…


I made this spraying booth to work with…

I opened up the top to let the light in.

Next came mixing 50% acrylic paint with 50% Tamiya acrylic thinner. That was the dreaded part because I did not want to clog my airbrush.

How did I succeed?

I think I did well. Then came the cleaning part which they say is the most important part of airbrushing.

Next time…

Painting the cockpit details with a paintbrush.