F4U-1/2 Progress Report Day 8

I was all primed and ready to go… Toilet paper was used to fill the cockpit area as well as the wheel wells and the engine.

That was before…

My 50-50 light gray solution of home made gray and thinner was all ready to test on it as a base coat.

I will have to reglue the outer left wing and wait for next week since there is a heat wave coming for a few days around here.

In the meantime…

I think I will start my next project.

Finding Inspiration: A Visit to the Canada Aviation & Space Museum

Tomorrow I am going back to visit the museum one more time.

Model Airplane Maker

I love pretty much anything aviation related.  I love seeing airplanes, reading about them, building models of them and for a short while – actually flying them.  And when it comes to seeing actual planes, I really enjoy visiting aviation oriented museums.

I have featured several aviation museum visits on Model Airplane Maker:

  1. A Visit to the United States Air Force Museum
  2. A Visit to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
  3. Two Visits to the Commemorative Air Force Museum (Mesa AZ)
  4. A trip to the Pima Air & Space Museum

When I visit aviation museums I do the walk around, I do the multiple pictures of a featured airplane and I always learn something new (or rediscover something that I used to know).  Lately I have a little one with me who asks all sorts of interesting questions.  So I now get to experience the museum from a different perspective (usually…

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