F4U-1/2 Progress Report Day 9

I just had to think of another alternative to just sitting and waiting…

I decided to use super glue for glueing the outer left wing. I then proceeded to use my airbrush and to learn more what learning curve is all about.

Going back and forth with the airbrush made the paint cup to spill quite a lot of paint. I never thought a paint cup cover would be something quite that useful.

You can see here where the paint was spilled.

Beside this small mishap, using the airbrush worked fine although I will have to use it more often to get the hang of it.

Also working outside, when weather permits of course, is the way to go because of the fumes.

Cleaning is also a breeze…

I will let everything sink in before adding more paint.

Masking with toilet paper worked fine as you can see. Tissue paper is an alternative of course.

The nose is not completely covered up, but that will be remedied with the next color. Today I will be off to Ottawa and I will pay a little visit to the Canadian Air and Space Museum while my wife visits the Arts Museum…

The photo below is taken from Model Airplane Maker’s blog.

You can pay a little visit to Model Airplane Maker while I am away…


About the learning curve

At least I did not order another model kit.