F4U-1/2 Progress Report Day 13 – F4F-4 Wildcat

Steps 2 and 3 were completed last evening, and even a little more than I was expecting…

Step 2

Step 3

Very few cockpit details will be viewed from the outside once this assembly will be glued to the fuselage.

I am still pondering if I will use my airbrush with all the zinc chromate I have left or if zinc chromate is the proper colour.

So I went searching on the Internet, and lo and behold…

Hey guys, I have been doing research on Grumman F4Fs for about 15 years and have amassed more references than any one person should have. For Grumman built F4Fs, the interior cockpit color is a “Grumman Bronze Green,” and its pretty dark, way darker than the generic zinc chromate. I use either Testor Model Master “Euro I Green” or Humbrol #88 “Deck Green.” All other interior surfaces are a ““Grumman Gray” which has been matched to FS 36440, and this would include the gear well area that Tamiya calls out as “white,”. Good luck and let me know if ya need any other assistance and enjoy the Tamiya F4F, its one of the best kits on the market (but then again, I am biased!!”

It always pays to search the Internet.

About a little more than I was expecting? The wings were glued as well as the engine parts.

Step 4

Step 6

The old Monogram Wildcat is standing guard…

Love at first sight!