F4U-1/2 Progress Report Day 14 – F4F-4 Wildcat

While the F4U-2 was on hold, I went back to Step 4 yesterday morning. I have added parts A17 and A18 as well as parts B20 and B21. The clear parts C1, C3 and C5 will be added after painting.

Step 4

I then worked on Step 7 which was hard at first to figure out the instructions for the main landing gear.

Step 7

This is where dry fitting and the use of precision needle cement come in handy.

Steps 8 and 9 will have to wait until I start painting although I glued the pitot tube. I won’t be using the drop tanks for this project.

Step 8

Step 9


Front and back page

I will use this as a reference…

Pug Southerland’s Wildcat who flew with the same squadron as Marion Dufilho. Except for F 12, it should look like Marion Dufilho’s F4F-4.


Also as reference… this! 


Photos taken from the link above.