Progress Report – Tamiya – Saburo Sakai’s A6M2 Zero – First Steps


My instructions were in Japanese.

This leads me to believe that this model kit of the Zero is from the mid 70s.

Could be a collector’s item then!

I got a jump start since I could not use the airbrush on Monday.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 5

And then, lo and behold the grandchildren left and there was a window of opportunity…

I finished the F4F-4 base coat.

I touched up the Corsair base coat…

Then came some mixing of homemade zinc chromate with a drop of black and silver to simulate Grumman bronze green. I then used it with a paint brush instead of an airbrush.

Finally I have decided to use the Grumman bronze green as interior green for the Zero.

I don’t think anyone will notice.