Intermission – Masking canopies?

WordPress tells me I’m on a streak right now… This is the 23rd straight post on My Forgotten Hobby II.

This is where I am right now… Intermission – Masking canopies?.

Here are some tips I found on the Internet about Masking canopies.

I have used several other techniques before. This one I had used with the B-25 I gave my brother. I had used leftover decals that I had painted silver. I then used them as ordinary decals, and cut the excess off.

One error I had made was trying this technique with the canopies already glued on. I have learned my lesson.

I think using this technique is worth a try once more.

This is a technique I had used before but had forgotten that I did…


Screenshot of the video

I will give it a try on my A6M2.