Fujimi Aichi Type 99 – Painting canopies… and much more

I have used the same technique for painting the Fujimi Aichi Type 99 canopies.

It was easier this time since the canopy frames were thicker making it much easier to scrape the excess paint.

The results was quite good and a little touch up will be done later.

The front canopy was glued with liquid cement and not with clear acrylic paint. The fit was very good.

I will let everything dry before adding the rear canopy. After the antenna and the pitot tube will be added as well as the propeller.


More progress has been done after I took those pictures. In fact the only thing left for me to do is adding decals…

2019 IPMS Ottawa CapCon Show

I did not know it was held in Ottawa! Just a two-hour drive from where I live. Missed opportunity…

Model Airplane Maker

Held on September 28, 2019 at the unique and wonderful Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, CapCon is the bi-annual scale model show and contest hosted by IPMS Ottawa.

It’s Been Ten Years?!?!?

CapCon is the first contest I ever went to (2007) and the first contest I ever entered (2009).  I still remember being a bit apprehensive bringing my 1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero with me to an actual contest with real model builders.   I had no idea what to expect and I spent a lot of time and money in the vendor room that day.  There was a genuine feeling of happy surprise when they called my name for a 2nd place in the out-of-box category. As you can imagine, this experience only fed my budding interest in this hobby.

CapCon 2019


I have made it a point to have something to show at each CapCon and I…

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Fujimi Aichi Type 99 – The Guadalcanal Campaign – 24 August 1942

Building with a purpose…

The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign



Richard Chick Harmer had a close call when an Aichi Type 99 Val from the Shokaku charged up his F4F’s tail…

Its pilot riddled the F4F’s fuselage and cockpit with sixteen to twenty 7.7-mm slugs and severely wounded Harmer in both thighs and left ankle. More bullets bounced harmlessly off the armor plate behind the seat. Hurt and flying a battered airplane about to run out of gas, Harmer veered southeast towards the Saratoga.

Aichi attacking the Enterprise

Japanese D3A dive bomber being shot down over USS Enterprise
during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons,
24 August 1942 (Source United States Navy)

Aichi Val

Akimoto Tamotsu and Koitabashi Hiroshi flying their D3A
carrier dive bomber (foreground) returning to carrier Shokaku
after attacking USS Enterprise during Battle of the Eastern Solomons,
24 August 1942

Progress report?

Started painting and more…

Fujimi Aichi Type 99 – 24 August 1942

You would not be reading this if it were not for AmateurAirplanes who was instrumental with my decision to start writing My Forgotten Hobby.

Yesterday’s post was about another blogger who was spot on about what I have been doing since December 2013.

This is my next project. I am building Fujimi Aichi Type 99 and this is how want to paint the Val…

I will be using this as a reference.

More reference here…


Richard Harmer was wounded when he attacked a Shokaku Aichi Type 99 on August 24, 1942.

To be continued…

Intermission – A Model Maker Revival: Scale Models and Social Media — Model Airplane Maker

It seems a bit silly to be discussing the virtues of Social Media & scale models in a WordPress blog post. Has Social Media hit scale modeling? Of course it has. Has this been a good thing? Of course it has – even if there are some downsides. I believe one of the biggest changes in this […]

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Next project? How about two projects?

I will follow Jeff’s advice…

Pierre, your vote is the only one which counts. Build what you want. Nothing kills the mojo like a half-completed model you really don’t want to finish.

Then this is what I want following Jeff’s advice…

I will go with both these kits… Two infamous WW II dive bombers.

Aichi Type 99…

And Ju 87G-1 for my brother whose birthday is next January.

I will start first with the Aichi Type 99 and read what other modelers have to say about it.





Last one…


Next time…?

When I opened the box I found out that the figurine had fused with the tailplane!

A little delicate surgery was needed using a razor saw…

A little filing…

Rescribing lost details…

Then I could not wait and I started building…

Take your pick?

I had written this before I saw Jeff’s comment yesterday…

Take your pick?

That should be easy…

It’s still time to decide which build will be next.

Right now two readers chose the Aichi Type 99 Val.

My brother opted for the Ju 87G Stuka.

So to help you decide…

Is it vintage mid 1960s…?

Or vintage mid 1970s…?

Maybe vintage 1990s… although I had already built the Revell version but had forgotten that I built it a few years ago.

Please leave a comment so I can start building…

Now Jeff’s comment…

Pierre, your vote is the only one which counts. Build what you want. Nothing kills the mojo like a half-completed model you really don’t want to finish.