F4U-1/2 Progress Report Day 21 – Airbrushing the F4U-2 Corsair and then some…

Yesterday morning, I had to try my old Badger airbrush once again, but this time on the Corsair.



I have used the same technique…

The masking was done with poster blue tack, green masking tape, and toilet tissue paper…

Then I diluted some intermediate blue acrylic paint…

I still haven’t try the color cup cover since it’s quite hard to put on, and mostly to take off after.

I am not even using my homemade spraybooth anymore since I have more control of my airbrush even if I think this is not a great idea.

I have also added a coat on the Wildcat while at it since I had more paint in the color up, but this time without masking anything.

I even hand painted the Zero with a thin coat of Tamiya XF-14… then another… and another.

Having three builds around the workplace is not something I will do in the future as I tend to rush into things a little too much.

With this in mind, I shall return only on Thursday.

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