Intermission – All about reminiscing and procrastinating

This is how I had this idea of writing about my forgotten hobby.

A comment I made on Amateur Airplanes.

December 6, 2013 at 6:47 AM

Painting and holding the kit before the paint is dry brings back fond memories.

I should get on with building my airplane model kits again.

I will be turning 65 later this month and having 50 + unbuilt model kits…
Building one a year would bring me to my 115th birthday in 2063.
Something to ponder about…

I can always give them to my grandson who turned two last November.
He would be 52 in 2063!

And of course I also have 10 or so finished kits in dire need for some repairs.

I think I should start a new blog on building model kits. That would get me started,,,

“I think I should start a new blog on building model kits. That would get me started…”

Amateur Airplanes has stop writing on his blog since May 27, 2018. I could not bring myself to add a comment…

My Forgotten Hobby II is still all about reminiscing, sometimes procrastinating, and writing about it.

Intermission – How I started My Forgotten Hobby II

There was a My Forgotten Hobby before My Forgotten Hobby II…

This is what I had written back on December 6, 2013.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Mine is writing blogs.

Before, this was my favorite hobby… Building model kits.

Why not combine both hobbies, one from the past with this one?

While you are pondering over this, you can visit this blog about an amateur airplane model kit builder whose motto is Let’s build!

Click here.

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