Intermission – Cleaning up the workbench

There is nothing worst than having a messed-up workbench or a worktable.

Yesterday I cleaned up the workbench which is a small kitchen table my son had when he was at the university almost 20 years ago. After cleaning up I took these pictures of the progress I have made with my three builds since the end of my streak.

First, the Zero has been almost completed.

The pilot is checking the cockpit.

The nose was painted and the propeller will get a base coat before being painted silver.

The Corsair is still waiting for a coat of white on its underside, and will be the last one to be completed.

I am still undecided about how to finish it, either as Richard Harmer’s F4U-2 Corsair or a Marine Corsair.

Like the Zero, the F4F-4 Wildcat is almost finished.

The Zero will be finished first probably later next week, then the Wildcat, and then the Corsair.

I will be offline for the weekend. It’s my grandson’s birthday party tomorrow.