Intermission – Revisiting the 60s

While I am waiting for readers’ comments on this post

I had collected these tokens in the early 60s. 

I still have them, and you can find some on the Internet.

Someone here is reminiscing about it. (broken link)


 To this day, I cannot stand the glutinous, faux-fruit taste and slippery lack of texture of Jello desserts. There was a time though when I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. I never really liked Jello, even then, but I was hopelessly addicted to the brightly coloured prizes found in each Jello dessert pack – each, part of one of two series of 1.5 inch plastic discs known by kids in the know as “Car Wheels” and “Airplane Coins”. So I slurped the dancing, half-sugar, half-rendered horse-hoof goop by the bowlful so that my mother would feel the need to load up on more to keep her kids happy.