Fujimi Aichi Type 99 – The Guadalcanal Campaign – 24 August 1942

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The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign



Richard Chick Harmer had a close call when an Aichi Type 99 Val from the Shokaku charged up his F4F’s tail…

Its pilot riddled the F4F’s fuselage and cockpit with sixteen to twenty 7.7-mm slugs and severely wounded Harmer in both thighs and left ankle. More bullets bounced harmlessly off the armor plate behind the seat. Hurt and flying a battered airplane about to run out of gas, Harmer veered southeast towards the Saratoga.

Aichi attacking the Enterprise

Japanese D3A dive bomber being shot down over USS Enterprise
during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons,
24 August 1942 (Source United States Navy)

Aichi Val

Akimoto Tamotsu and Koitabashi Hiroshi flying their D3A
carrier dive bomber (foreground) returning to carrier Shokaku
after attacking USS Enterprise during Battle of the Eastern Solomons,
24 August 1942

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