Intermission – Well I guess it’s Christmas time…

Having just finished reading A Higher Call…


I knew I had to get my hands on another Me 262 model kit. I know I had said I would not buy another model kit, but reading A Higher Call prove to be impossible to keep this promise. Of course I knew the story, but the book tells so much more…

About the crew…

and how they survived, except the tail gunner… and how they were able after to fly a complete tour.

Frank Stigler’s story as well as Charlie Brown’s is worth reading.

You can read some of it here or view this video on YouTube.

As for the Me 262 model kit… well I could not ask my brother to give me back the Me 262 I gave him as a gift.

The only alternative left was buying another model kit.

What about the three kits that are still on hold?

I think having broken my promise will be enough motivation to finish them before the Me 262 arrives in the mail by December 31st.

2 thoughts on “Intermission – Well I guess it’s Christmas time…

  1. Gilles December 7, 2019 / 12:37 pm

    Pierre, je peux te retourner mon ME-262 à l’atelier, si tu veux l’améliorer, ou profiter de sa vue … au lieu d’en acheter un nouveau. Je t’emprunterais bien le livre A HIGHER CALL, si tu veux.


    • Pierre Lagacé December 7, 2019 / 5:45 pm

      Non, ça va.


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