F4U-2 Corsair

Richard Harmer is about to be launched from USS Enterprise CV-6.

I had colorised this photo shared by his son Tom Harmer on my other blog which pays homage to VF(N)-101 which I knew nothing about when I was a 10 year-old kid back in 1958 standing in front of a men’s store display full of model kits. There were no Corsairs nor any model ships.

Since 1958 my passion for aviation has never stopped growing.

This morning I glued the last 20mm guns, and I have set aside my model kit of CV-6. There is still a few touch-ups with Measure 21.

In the mailbox there was this…

The box was a little crumbled, but not because of the packaging which was 5 stars. I now have all the Tamiya’s WWII US aircraft carriers in 1/700 scale.

My eyesight just can’t wait.

15 minutes at a time from now on…

I think this will be my mantra from now on…

Especially when there are 39 20mm guns to add later.





It will be a few days or weeks before my eyes will let me do it.

The island has been glued on last night with the “petite” mast.




Intermission – Monday Morning

Updated 21 December 2020

Why you should never open your tablet and go on Amazon on a Monday morning…


The price was right with no shipping. Could there be other 1/700 Tamiya Waterline Series Aircraft Carriers?

Yes, and again the price was right with no shipping. Then you surely know what has happened next don’t you…

I will be reliving a whole part of WWII history in 2019 by building my first model kit of an aircraft carrier since 1958. I will let you guess which one will be the first.


On second thoughts after a second cup of coffee, I had built the HMS Ark Royal in the 70s.