We Fight by Night!


That’s how this whole project started.

A picture from a photo album.


The build is now finished except for the homemade decals.

We Fight by Night

I am just waiting to spray on clear acrylic finish to seal these homemade decals.


However I will have to wait for warmer temperatures before spraying which we should be in about five months!

Until then…



Step 52 and onwards… Turret assembly


Rushing to assemble the Boulton Paul Defiant turret has proved somewhat of a headache with so many tiny parts especially when it was late in the evening and my eyes were tired.


I figured out late that the instructions were to build the turret upside down.


I stopped at Step 59 to allow everything to set properly and to sleep on it. 


Looking forward I know that installing the clear parts will be somewhat tricky since there are so many options offered, and these steps may make or break a build…


See you on Sunday morning…


Step 12?

Step 12 was already done, taking advantage of a sleeping cat…

Quite a nap isn’t!


Hard to stop only at just Step 12 especially when my cat was not around.






And why not do a little painting while he is not in the way…



And jumping from Step 12 to Step 20…



Then jumping from Step 21 to Step 34…



A little more painting?



A little more painting to get the feeling of the original Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I…

From my old blog My Forgotten Hobby – Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I – First steps

Having a rainy day last Sunday was a great incentive to start building what I bought seven months ago.

One thing Airfix did was to provide us with clear instructions.

Some cockpit parts were delicate, and I manage to break part C21 when I removed it from the sprue.

Luckily it won’t show.

The rest of the assembly was easy except for installing part D28.

Installing parts D20 and D21 was a breeze.

Next time on My Forgotten Hobby, Step 12 which I already did, taking advantage of a sleeping cat…