Intermission – Getting ideas for my Monogram F-14 restoration

I don’t want to repaint, nor buy new decals for my old Monogram F-14 which has been in dire need of repairs since the 1990s.

I prefer buying model kits instead… like a second P-61 Black Widow maybe?

This is how my F-14 looked before.

I have started restoring it as you can see here.

With that part of the restoration done, I went looking for ideas on the Internet.


I had already finished restoring my Testors/Italeri SR-71, and my Monogram F-111.

Well sort of…

I had added a missing fin.

I had beefed up the main landing gear using wooden dowels.

I had glued the rear canopy.

The SR-71 needed a pitot tube.

The rest was mostly touching up the black paint.

As for the F-111, I had glued the left panel of the canopy.

The F-111 needed also a pitot tube.

Underwing pylons with bombs were reglued.

And I fashioned a missing front landing gear door.

My 7 year-old grandson was impressed by the lethal look of the F-111 and the swing wings.

Once the F-14 restoration is done, I will be moving on with my next project, Tamiya F4U-1/2 which has been on the to-do list long enough.