P-38 Update

With the landing gear now being too fragile to glue it to the the glass, I decided to make two supports out of wooden dowels which were glued.

I painted the dowels after the glue had cured.

And I waited 24 hours to glue the model back on the glass and let the glue cure.

The display is now earthquake proof.

Breaking News

Call it premonition if you want…

I had a feeling something would happened to the P-38. One of my cats chased the other one around and the picture frame which was on the filing cabinet fell off.

The P-38 got quite a jolt and snapped at the landing struts.

Not much damage though except for a broken propeller blade…

nose landing gear door and strut…

Nothing else was broken.


Everything should be repaired easily.


I will have to rethink how to safely display the P-38.

Necessity is the mother of invention.