The B-17E and the Myth of the Bendix Ventral Turret — Inch High Guy

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If you are planning to model one of the Hawaiian Air Depot scheme B-17Es, or any one of the first 112 B-17Es produced for that matter, something which will have to be dealt with is the belly turret. Kits contain the manned Sperry ball turret, but the remote Bendix turret is needed. At least that is […]

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Junkers Ju 390 — Inch High Guy

I first became interested in the Ju 390 after reading about its history in William Green’s Warplanes of the Third Reich. When Revell of Germany released their 1/72 scale Ju 290 kits, 390 conversions became an attractive, and affordable, possibility for modelers. The Ju 390 was a development of Junkers’ previous Ju 290 series, which […]

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Martin Marauder Part I — Weapons and Warfare

Certainly one of the most elegant bomber aircraft to appear in the early years of World War II, Martin’s B-26 Marauder stemmed from a US Army Air Corps high-speed medium bomber specification which had been circulated to US manufacturers in January 1939. This called for a number of characteristics which, together, made the US Army […]

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