No need to rush

I wonder  how a 10 year-old could understand some of the instructions especially step 4.

Monogram P-38 Lightning 001Monogram P-38 Lightning 002Monogram P-38 Lightning 003Monogram P-38 Lightning step 5-8Monogram P-38 Lightning 004Monogram P-38 Lightning decals instructions 1Monogram P-38 Lightning decals instructions

I wonder how I managed to build this model kit in the 60s.  I don’t remember having had such a hard time.

Step 4 is confusing and the pins and ribs to locate the parts properly are not a great help. I spent much time dry fitting before glueing. Even with all these precautions I still managed to glue part S27 at the wrong place!

Monogram P-38 Lightning 003

About the warpage issue, I have decided to glue the upper and the lower wing one side at a time. Right side first, then the tricky nose section, and finally the left side letting the glue set overnight.

I won’t be meeting the deadline…