Work in Progress – P-47 D

All my hobby supplies have arrived yesterday, and I just can’t wait to use my 1/4 oz cup instead of the paint jar.

I know how important cleaning my airbrush is. This is why I bought this and paint strainers.

I have watched a few YouTube videos, and I am confident I can master my 30 year-old airbrush.

I have hand-painted the red nose as well as the canopy frames.

I still have a few touch-ups to do before applying the decals.

Republic P-47M Thunderbolt

Intermission – P-47 M Thunderbolt

To go along with this…





Plane Dave

I always love the 56th Fighter Group.  They were the most successful Fighter Group of the 8th Air Force in air to air combat, and they were the only Fighter Group that hadn’t converted to Mustangs by war’s end; they kept their beloved Thunderbolts in spite of pressure from 8th Fighter Command and Washington to give them up.  The advantages of being the best…


After the jump, we’ll look at a late war 56th Fighter Group Thunderbolt.

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Hard to resist… Yellow nose and orange tail

The temptation was there to use my Badger 350 airbrush once again for the nose and a paint brush for the tail. First I used the airbrush to paint the nose and the tail yellow.

I then mixed the yellow paint with some orange paint and I used a paint brush for the tail.

I then sent an email to Joe Palladino with those photos.

I think I should calm down a little and wait for this…

Hard to wait… for my 1/4 oz cup

I know it will be much easier to work with my airbrush using this.

I have seen lots of videos.

I had tested my Badger 350 airbrush before when I put a black primer coat. The results were very good, but I then added a coat of silver with a paint brush with mixed results.

This morning I have received my braided airbrush hose from Amazon. I decided to test my airbrush again over my Monogram P-47 D even if my 1/4 oz cup had not arrived. 

I used the jar adapter.





It worked fine enough.

I am still thinking if I should paint different shades of silver, but I am not there yet. Sometimes you need to step back a little and let the experience sink in.

Next step I will be painting the yellow and red nose, and the orange tail.