Let the fun begin?

Photo etched replacement parts might test your resilience. Working with photo etched parts will be a learning curve process especially when I bought this two weeks ago to go along with my Tamiya P-47 M model kit.


I should not have built the P-47 D without adding first the photo etched parts. It is somewhat hard to position and glue the PE parts on a model kit already built as these photos show.

Also I should have read the instructions carefully because now I would need to cut part of the landing struts to add new PE parts.

Replacing the radio mast won’t add much to the P-47 D so I won’t use the PE replacement part.

I have used the glue on the right instead of CA glue.

The glue is stickier so the PE parts will stick better than CA gel type glue. The brace was glued with clear gloss acrylic paint which is perfect for glueing clear parts.

I will let everything dry then check for the proper alignment of the PE parts.

Next step?

Painting it…