Finally decals!

Decalling is always an apprehensive part of building a model kit.

Everything can go wrong…

I knew the Tamiya Zero was an older kit, and the decals had to show their age also.

Even by soaking them a lot they did not detach that easily. But I was finally able to affix them.

It was not the same with the Wildcat or the Corsair which were newer model kits. The Wildcat decals are thicker, but they conformed well.

Instructions were somewhere vague on their precise location, but people will not spot the difference if some decals are a few tenths of millimeters off.

The Corsair decals were more delicate.


Time is of the essence when decalling. There is no need to rush, and I have to let everything settle down until at least next Sunday as I will be on a little vacation.

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